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Stephanie Sánchez-Wymore

Owner of Selah Therapeutics Massage Studio

Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been massaging full time since 2015 and it is truly my joy to help people through the work of my hands (and feet). I am a certified Deepfeet Ashiatsu Practitioner and specialize in Intra-Oral Massage for TMJ Disorders. I have studied many techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Advanced Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Massage and more. I am passionate about practicing "massage with a purpose", customizing my sessions and using the techniques that are unique for each person.

Our Story

Selah Therapeutics started as a dream, a place where people can come to be seen and heard. Where someone can help you unwrap the mystery that is the human body. Where you can be encouraged that your body doesn't have to keep going on in pain.

Now it has become a reality. 

In the midst of 2020 we opened our doors for the first time. The dream is now our mission. Pain can be a distraction in life and even become someone's identity. At Selah Therapeutics we are constantly striving to create a space where people can reconnect with their bodies and search for the origin of their pain. 

The hope is to be a friend to you on your journey towards healing. To help you find relief and strength in your body so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.